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The ela geminada (geminate L) is a "modified character group" of the Catalan language.

It represents the sound of a double or elongated L, pronounced as two different syllables. It is always used between two vowels.

The flown dot, which appears between the two Ls, was introduced in the early 20th century to differentiate between this character group and the "ll" digraph.

The ela geminada is mostly used in words of Latin and Greek origin that contain double L; words starting with "al·l", "il·l", and "col·l"; and most of the words ending with "el·la" or "il·la".

Give us money,

get a cool t-shirt back

I don't see why not


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Noun: marionette.


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Noun: novel.


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Noun: umbrella.


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Adjective: millenarian, millenary.


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Noun: film, movie.

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